Seed Bins



  • Size
    – standard bins are available in 9′10.5′12′13.5′ and 16′ diameters
    – seed capacities range from 594 seed units to 5,472 seed units
  • Smooth Walls
    – eliminate buildup found in corrugated bins
    – welded seams reduce opportunities for moisture infiltration
    – easy clean out
  • Galvanized Steel
    – durability and longevity
    – rust resistant
    – standard material only at Schuld Bushnell
  • Design
    – specifically designed to promote complete clean out
    – well-fitting, easy to use accessories also tailored for complete clean out
    – internal seed ladder to protect product when loading bin
    – delivered assembled ready for service
  • Customization
    – add paint to the entire bin or legs only
    – add a brand decal
    – add accessories for your unique system
  • Bulk Savings
    – reduce time spent moving bags and boxes
    – volume product pricing
    – reduce storage space requirements for bags and boxes
  • Customer Service
    – 40 years of experience
    – dedicated, professional delivery team
    – dedicated delivery fleet