Malt Mill

The Malt Mill is the central component in IFA’s unique Malt Mill System. This mill is designed and built with the brewery industry in mind. The advantage that this mill has is that it is powerful enough to process the necessary ingredients such as malted barley that go into high-quality fermented products while remaining affordable enough to allow even small-scale breweries to remain competitive in the market. A malt mill is also conveniently sized with a small footprint in order to fit wherever the mill is needed or into any available space. In addition to the malt mill, the Malt Mill System is a customizable set of components that handle product into the mill, handle product out of the mill and structurally support the entire grain handling system. IFA is proud to work closely with each mill owner to set up exactly what they need to keep their operation running smoothly.

We also offer Schuld and Bushnell bins. For more information on the products Schuld and Bushnell offers, please click here.

Malt Mill Features

  • IFA original easy roll gap adjustment.
  • Hydraulic pump roll opener.
  • Large capacity hopper (approx. 250 lb.)
  • Strong construction.
  • Solid chilled iron rolls with heavy-duty shafts.
  • Spring protection designed to prevent damage to the rolls in the event that overly hard foreign matter makes its way into the mill.
  • Flex auger ready discharge at horizontal or 45 degrees to horizontal.

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