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Iowa Farm Automation

Iowa Farm Automation (IFA) began 40 years ago as Iowa Farm Systems, a small company dedicated to the sale and service of livestock feeding equipment, mostly for beef and dairy producers. Later, a line of roller mills was added.

In the 1980s, it was shown by dairy and hog nutritionists that more finely ground grain, with consistent particle size, greatly improved the efficiency of animals to turn grain into meat.

The ability of a roller mill with a differential drive (two opposing rolls turning at different speeds) allowed roller-grinders, as they are now called, to produce a superior, more digestible product than traditional hammer mills could accomplish. Also, there was much less “powdering” of the feed which is a cause of stomach problems in hogs.

The 1990s brought a multitude of changes to the livestock-feeding scene. Dairy and beef farms were getting larger and the traditional silo business was declining. Later, grain prices rose to the point that dairy and hog producers wanted an even finer, more efficient grind of feed.

Management at IFA realized that to meet these demands, they would have to redesign the roller-grinders and manufacture their own. While still maintaining production and service crews, IFA has grown into an efficient, yet competitive player in the livestock feeding and micro-brewery grain-processing fields. Their goal is to be large enough to keep up with the demands, yet small enough to serve the particular needs of all customers.

Iowa Farm Automation

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